Things Moms Say Every Day

Updated: Jan 1

On a daily basis, I repeat the same things over & over.  “Are you hungry?”  “Do you want to drink some water?”  Here are some things moms say every day:

The funny thing is that it just becomes second nature, doesn’t it?  I know that our 3 year old probably won't want to take her morning bath so every morning, I say “Sara...bath time?”   I know that my 3 year old may have forgotten to drink or eat her breakfast, so I’ll say “Did you drink your milk?”   We don’t even think about it, the words just come out.

Can you add to the list?  What funny things to you say to your kids every day?   Oh- I should have added this one to mine:  “We’re late!  Hurry up!  Wear your shoe !!”   That is the story of my life!   haha!

OK… your turn!


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