Vitamin C

Good food. Enough sleep. Adequate water. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C cured the world's oldest known nutritional deficiency of scurvy. Humans cannot synthesize vitamin C. We must get it from our diets. Regular intake of vitamin C reports to decrease cold (Hemila 2013), decrease incidence of infection (Ochoa Brust 2007).

Vitamin C is reported to:

  1. Increase production of white blood cells (viral fighters and natural killer cells which is cancer protection)

  2. Increase levels of antibodies

  3. Vitamin C increase interferon (interferons are name for their ability to "interfere" with viral replications - protects cells from virus infections).

  4. Decrease incidence of breast cancer in women.

  5. Reduces blood pressure (2012 meta-analysis study)

Increases healing of scars, pressure ulcers, bone fractures, burns and infections.

Vitamin C reported to help:

• Asthma

• macular degeneration

• Anemia

• Arthritis

• Autism

• Exercise recovery

• Diabetes

Food sources of Vitamin C

The best sources of vitamin C are fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupe and currants, and fresh vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts, collard greens, lettuce, cabbage, peas, and asparagus and potatoes.

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