It is not just Cleansing!! I can't wait to share this gadget with you all!!! I really love how easy and love the effect it has on me!!!

Let's me introduce you the amazing "Lumispa" that I had use for a good almost 3 years for now. This is not just cleansing device but also bring 7 treatments benefits to your skin. So far this is the result I felts after using Lumispa personally.

  • Pores size visibility become smaller

  • Firmer skin and lifted

  • A lot lesser black heads

  • Skin glowing and smoother

  • Radiance improved

  • Save me a lot of time!!!

  • Skin Brighten

Even my man that lazy to do any skin care regimen also love this device a lot. Because no matter how this is the minimum skin care we needed. To wash and have a clean face.

You might wonder why I said I feel I save a lot of time!! Let me explain further, because in just two minutes wash morning or night, I can skipped the make up removal step, and also exfoliating step. I achieved three thing in just 2 minutes (cleansing, makeup removal, exfoliating).

But, exfoliating is still advisable to 1 time per week if you want have a better result!!!!

Scientifically this device is proven to improve your skin in these 7 areas:-

  1. Skin Renewal

  2. Skin Smoothness

  3. Increased Radiance

  4. Minimized appearance of pores

  5. More refresh look

  6. Increase appearance of volume & density

  7. Purified Skin

Initial thoughts:

The brush is definitely softer than dupes available in the market. Apparently the Lumispa is a nice small dock upon which the actual device sits nicely. You can make the charging last for about 7-8 uses.

The treatment heads are made of a nonabrasive silicone surface that is more gentle and hygienic than your typical brush. Each head has a projected life of three months and is embedded with antimicrobial silver. When paired together with the ageLOC LumiSpa treatment cleansers, the results are even better – as it enables a more precise cushioning, cleansing and interaction of the device with the skin.

I was hesitant about this device initially. I was skeptical about the results that a face cleansing device could possibly bring – it sounded too good to be true! Even my "logic comes before everything" husband raised his eyebrow at me when I told him about it.

Then again, you can probably already guess my next line. The benefits that they claim to be able to bring... it is TRUE! Hence the descriptive word "revolutionary".

I have been waiting forever for the next product in the beauty world to completely wow me, and this one does the job so well. With this device and 2 minutes of your daily life, I can imagine less zits, lesser blackheads and perfectly glowing skin every day of my life.

I like how the device has been timed to give a gentle buzz every 30 seconds to signify "hey it's time to move on and cleanse another spot". It rids me of the necessity to either stare at clock or to even count in my head – and of the two, I will more likely do the latter, thus making the timing absolutely inaccurate due to my tendency of counting really fast.

Is it necessary to use their treatment cleanser? Yes if you want to reap the full benefits of the device. I have tried with and without the cleanser and I must admit that their cleanser does play a significant part for treatment. Without their facial cleanser, well... the device does a good job in cleansing but not so good in terms of treatment.

I have also tried to remove a full face of makeup and I would say that it did a pretty good job.

Speaking of bathrooms, do note that the device is water resistant but not entirely waterproof. Hence do not leave it to charge in your bathroom for safety reasons.

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